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Oriental Guqin Club
珍视艺术  传承文化  海纳百川
Cherish Art  Inherit Culture  Absorbing Diversified Talents

Master Playing Guqin
Make Guqin with Your Own Hands
Feel Exchange Salon


Guqin has existed for more than 4000 years based on archeological history. It is the treasure of the Han Culture of China and has been approved as world cultural heritage. Countless poets and literary men in history mastered well the technique of Guqin. Playing Guqin brilliantly is undoubtedly of great advantage in enhancing musicianship, cultivating one’s temperament and comprehending traditional culture.
   琴具有天地之元音,内蕴中和之德性,足以和人意气,感人善心,颐养正心。琴曲淡和微妙,音色深沉、浑厚、古朴、淡雅是儒家中正和平、温柔敦厚等观念在音乐上的体现和道家崇尚自然、隐逸、澹泊明志、虚静等思想和人生观在音乐上的落实。宋朱长文《琴史》中说:“君子之于琴也,非徒取其声音而已,达则于以观政焉,穷则于以守命焉”。 因此,古琴艺术一般不称“琴艺”,而尊为“琴学”,认为琴的主要功用是教化和修身。操琴以修养身心,是一个具高雅格调的人的精神生活的重要的组成部分。
Guqin is provided with the essential tone of heaven and earth and contained with the virtue of neutralization, which is sufficient to reconcile men’s will and spirit, move men’s benevolence and maintain the positive attitude. The sound of Guqin is delicate and elegant with a deep, profound, simple and graceful tone, which is not only the reflection of the Confucian concepts of fairness, harmony, mildness and sincerity, etc, in music, but also the implementation of the Taoist ideology and outlook on life of worshiping nature, living in solitude, showing high ideals by simple living and emptiness, etc. As Zhu Changwen pointed out in The History of Guqin, “Learning Guqin is not merely about enjoying the sound of it since it could assist those having an official career to analyze politics and help those with an ordinary life to survive”. Therefore, the art of Guqin is not usually referred to as “Guqin skills” but “the science of Guqin” instead, which lays more stress upon its function in education and cultivation. Playing Guqin is aimed at physical and mental cultivation, which shall be a major component of the spiritual life of men with elegant style.

i Introduction of Oriental Guqin Club
The Oriental Gupin Club is co-established by the founder of Dongfanghui Ms. Zhou Ming and the master of Guqin manufacture Mr. Wang Zhiqiang in 2006 and composed of people from all walks of life who are provided with a common goal and the enthusiasm for Guqin culture. They are fond of the extensive and profound Guqin culture and are determined to act as the “guardian” of Chinese Guqin culture. They have closely followed the ancient instructions of “making friends through playing Guqin and improving oneself through getting along with friends”. Teaching the science of Guqin shall not lay stress upon the pursuit of luxury sound effect, but on the inheritance of the gist of teaching for happiness, training for moral integrity and physical and mental cultivation as well as the spread of the art and the manufacturing crafts of Guqin.


ii. Course aimed at Mental Cultivation through Playing Guqin
Guqin is a musical instrument leading to one’s heart. It is of great importance to stress upon not only the exchange between Guqin and heart as well as the communication from heart to heart, but also the unification of mind and body and the correspondence between heart and hands. It is expected to “start from the mind” from the first time of contacting with Guqin since the aim of learning Guqin lies neither in practical use nor aesthetic enjoyment, but in cultivating one’s mind through training. Playing Guqin is a gradual process of communication between the Guqin players and the instrument. We shall feel from time to time whether we’ve returned to our original conscience since everything is concerned with putting in time and energy in our nature and eventually turns into inactive action and non-artistic art. Such simple and free playing would definitely bring a tranquil mental space for ourselves and the audience.

iii. Teachers and Advisory Group
Mr. Wang Zhiqiang has accumulated abundant practical experiences during the many years of teaching of Guqin. The club also brought in numerous experts in playing and manufacturing Guqin and the theory of Guqin as the member of the Advisory Group for long-term guided instruction.

The Course aimed at Mental Cultivation through Playing Guqin established This Time is divided into Three Stages:
第一阶段20节课  《从心契入琴人一体》     每周上课一至两节       
Stage One: 20 classes, Start from the Heart and Integrate Mind with the Instrument, One to Two Classes per week
第二阶段12节课  《大音希声道法自然》     每周上课一至两节
Stage Two: 12 Classes, Being Soundless, Being most Attractive and Lean From Nature, One to Two Classes per week
第三阶段12节课  《自然圆融回归本心》     每周上课一至两节
Stage Three: 12 Classes, Naturally and Harmoniously return to the Original Conscience, One to Two Classes per week
授课时段:每周六 10:00-11:00    11:10-12:10    13:30-14:30    14:40 -15:40
Time of Class: 10:00-11:00, 11:10-12:10, 13:30-14:30, 14:40-15:40 every Saturday
授课方式: 一对一授课       一对二授课        
Instruction Mode: One-to-one, One-to-two

iii. Contact Information of the Club
      地址: 北京市朝阳区永安里万豪国际公寓A 座1A
Address: 1A of Building A, Marriott International Residence, Yonganli, Chaoyang District, Beijing
      Tel: 65699960